About Bentleg:

Bentleg Badsmeller of Barnacle Bay is a lovable pirate who embarks on adventures that involve all who know and love him, whether they like it or not. .

In this first story he comes up against Snotwart Sniveller, his arch-enemy, and his faithful crew hatch a plot to rescue him from Snotwart’s clutches on Whale Island.

As a picture book it is fun for both younger and older children alike. A great story to read aloud or for young readers to take on themselves, and perhaps even pick up some new vocabulary.

Meet the Characters!

Bentleg Badsmeller

bentleg badsmeller

“Aye Aye you frisky beauty! So you want to know about being a pirate do you?”

The Jolly Jilly

Jolly Jilly

“Come aboard and talk to me.. I love to hear your stories”.


Zak Sharkattack

“Hi! Do you want to come fishing?  Or shall we make some art?”

Pearl the Mermaid

Pearl the Mermaid

“Hello! If you want to know about being a mermaid, just ask me!”



“It’s a great life being a sea dog”

Snotwart Sniveller

Snotwart Sniveller

“what are you looking at?”

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Jilly Bentley

Jilly Bentley


‘My name is Jilly Bentley and I spend most of my time in rural Brittany where, with my seafaring husband, we are renovating an old farmhouse. When he is away at sea I am busy with all sorts of creative projects including writing, drawing and painting.

My professional background is as a psychotherapist, working mainly with children. I later concentrated on Play Therapy until I decided to focus my energies on the building project in France, and also take the opportunity to allow my creative side to flourish.

I love to travel and have recently spent several months in Vietnam with my best friend, setting up a Creative Therapy Programme in a children’s centre near to Hanoi.

We are now sponsoring a young local woman, who is a Social Work graduate, to continue the creative therapy program with the children in the orphanage, and I am also working on projects to raise funds to support her work.

I first wrote Bentleg 25 years ago when my children were young and it remained in a drawer until recently when I illustrated it and decided to publish. It is based on our family and is a story told with much love and humour.’

Watch this space for details of when I go on tour with Bentleg in late September to promote the book.


Ted aged 3 and Sarah

We absolutely love reading the story of Bentleg Badsmeller and it’s now a firm bedtime favourite. Even Nana can’t resist getting involved. We read it in chunks as there is a fantastic amount of action and adventure for younger ones to take in, ending up eagerly waiting to finish the story the next evening. We particularly love the beautiful illustrations that capture the genuinely warming read and lovable characters perfectly.Genuinely delightful and engaging read for all, Bentlegbadsmeller is a firm favourite at bedtime. My three year old is captivated by the beautiful illustrations, lovable characters and the action packed story… His most favourite part? AHHAARRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!

Harry aged 10
I really enjoyed reading the book and my favourite moment was when Bentleg jumped up on the table and went “Arrrghh” – it tells you straight away that the book is going to be exciting!

I like the bit at the end where they make the Jolly Jilly really nice and that Bentleg is back with his crew. I think that the pictures in the book are nice and lively and help to tell the story.

The characters are really cool and friendly and really come to life as the story goes on. You get to know them really well and they become your friends.

The seaworld created by Jilly Bentley is complete in every detail.
Simply fabulous!
I love the characters, and the drawings.
Jilly Bentley gives lots and lots of enjoyment with her book.
Try saying ‘Bentleg Badsmeller of Barnacle Bay’ 15 times in a row…
almost impossible…
age 10

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